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Community Action

This page is currently under construction.

This page will highlight community projects in which Dr Levine is involved.

For example:

  • On February 5, 2016 I had the pleasure to participate in the GKAS(Give Kids A Smile) program at Camden County College. I provided dental treatment to children who were unable to obtain these services. Most had not seen a dentist before. To all the parents out there who thanked me, I can only say thank you for the pleasure. What a wonderful feeling it was to Give Kids A Smile! 
    Pictures from the event

    Jessica and Jaclynn



    The Tooth Fairy and Jaclynn. She just lost her first tooth.

    Dr Levine, Jessica and Jaclynn.

    Dr Lassin and his staff.

    One of the characters wandering around the clinic.


  • Dr Levine plans to get involved with the local animal rescue facility

Stop back for further updates.